The Clash Steel Pro after his introduction became one of the best commercial tables on the European market and has been the choice of many poolclubs and players for domestic use. Its timeless design and its solid construction stands for long term and durable quality, suitable for intensive commercial use and for pro players that value high quality play.

We prioritize quality in our billiard tables by sourcing largely from European manufacturers who share our commitment to excellence. Regular visits to suppliers are conducted to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards. This dedication to using only the finest resources results in a truly exceptional final product.

Why Clash Steel Pro?

The rails are made up of several pieces of high-quality oak wood that have been carefully selected and assembled. This attention to detail ensures that the rails are strong and durable, withstanding the pressure of countless games. The stability of the rails ensures that the balls roll smoothly and predictably, enhancing the overall playing experience. The use of oak wood not only adds strength but also provides a classic and timeless aesthetic that complements the overall look of the billiard table. With such attention to detail and high-quality construction, the billiard table’s rails are a testament to the commitment to excellence that characterizes the sport.

Unibody of the Clash Steel Pro Pool Table

We have taken the billiard table to the next level with our revolutionary new Unibody frame design. This innovative design features a solid and rigid steel frame that has been engineered to provide the ultimate in stability and strength. The Unibody design offers several advantages over traditional frame designs, including quicker and easier installation, reduced noise during play, and more precise table level adjustment options. With 22 levelers, players can ensure that the slate is perfectly level and the balls roll smoothly and accurately. The Unibody design is not only stronger and more rigid, but it also provides a sleek and modern look that adds to the overall aesthetic of the billiard table. This new design is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible playing experience for billiard enthusiasts. The Unibody frame is an investment in quality and performance that will last for years to come.


We deliver Brazilian premium quality slate with a 30mm thickness, especially finished for the best playing surface. Every single slate goes through our quality control in our factory to ensure our high standards are met. The Brazilian slate is known for its exceptional properties maintaining its geometrical shape and is stronger than Italian slate and Chinese slate.

The slate used by Ardosia Nacional to make its billiard sets is called “Matacão” and is a unique type of slate specially suited for the manufacture of billiard tables.

Slate is the most important part of any pool table and how well the table will play. Playability in a pool table is a function of how flat the playing surface is and its ability to remain flat throughout its lifetime, regardless of room temperature or pressure on its surface.

Clash Pro Pockets

The Clash Steel Pro uses high quality Clash Pro Pockets with specially designed PVC pocket liners which meets the highest match standards to ensure maximum comfort and playability. The slanted form of the pocket liner ensures that a potted ball always ends up inside the pocket instead of bouncing back out. We have optimized the pocket design and geometry to get accurate and correct potting results, even in the middle pockets. The mounting system avoids the use of fixing components in the pocket liner that could damage pool balls. Each pocket can contain a complete set of balls.

High-end Artemis Rubber no. 66

We have selected Artemis rubber no. 66 cushions out of the available premium brands in the market for its best qualification for our table. It consists of high-quality natural rubber. Additives according to our formula give the rubber mixture its special suitability for pool and excellent resistance to aging. Our cloth strip is made of synthetic material and due to its sturdy embossing it ensures the perfect fit to hold the cloth in place.

Design Your Own Clash Steel Pool Table

The Clash Steel Pro billiard table offers a unique and personalized touch for players and enthusiasts alike. It allows for custom-made stickers to be applied in the pockets, creating a customized look and feel for the table. This feature allows players to showcase their individuality, display a personal logo, or even promote a brand. With the option to use custom stickers, the billiard table becomes a reflection of the player’s personality and style. The use of high-quality materials and advanced printing technology ensures that the custom stickers are long-lasting and do not fade or wear over time. The custom sticker feature adds an extra level of customization and personalization to the Clash Steel Pro billiard table, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the custom stickers option provides a creative and unique touch to the billiard playing experience.

The favorite by pro players

Clash Steel Pro



Having played pool for 20 odd years all over the world, I have played on my fair share of pool tables, when I decided to set a YouTube channel up I was purely looking for a table to look good in my videos ! The playability didn’t concern me as I am no longer a touring pro, it was all about the look, however having the table over a year now I have never had one single bad bounce, and the table just feels so meaty, it’s really is a beast of a table and I know I can 100% trust it !
It’s without doubt high up on my list of all time best table to play pool on, maybe even right at the top !

‘Karl Boyes professional pool player’

This table surprised me for its quality, its consistence in playing and the use of superior materials. The players I work with and have played on this table have all found it to be one of the best tables around at the moment. The rails, pockets and design are exactly what it should be. This table is perfect to improve your game and become a champion!

‘Johan Ruysink professional poolcoach’

The table is easy to install and the feedback from the customers is very positive. Furthermore, the table is very well finished with a durable, steel frame and has a very solid structure which guarantees the stability of the table. Definitely a game changer!’

Mark Bliek – Billiard Fitter


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