The Clash Steel Pro Alumen is our newest table which has some major innovations, first of all, fully new engineered aluminium rails with a soft touch, vinyl finish. Secondly, the redesigned Unibody with solid steel frame. The timeless design is only slightly altered with new space black castings that gives the Clash Steel Pro Alumen a luxury high-end finish.

We prioritize quality in our billiard tables by sourcing largely from European manufacturers who share our commitment to excellence. Regular visits to suppliers are conducted to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards. This dedication to using only the finest resources results in a truly exceptional final product.


Clash Steel Alumen Pockets

The Clash Steel Pro Alumen uses high quality Clash Pro Pockets with specially designed PVC pocket liners which meets the highest match standards to ensure maximum comfort and playability. The slanted form of the pocket liner ensures that a potted ball always ends up inside the pocket instead of bouncing back out. We have optimized the pocket design and geometry to get accurate and correct potting results, even in the middle pockets. The mounting system avoids the use of fixing components in the pocket liner that could damage poolballs. Each pocket can contain a complete set of balls.

Artemis Rubber no.66

We have selected Artemis rubber no. 66 cushions out of the available premium brands in the market for its best qualification for our table. It consists of high-quality natural rubber. Additives according to our formula give the rubber mixture its special suitability for pool and excellent resistance to ageing. 

The special formula gives the truest rebound and consistent speed for the players. We tested the rubbers playing different patterns and Artemis no. 66 proved to give the best and most accurate results in conjunction with our new rail construction.

Space Black Design

All metal parts are finished in Space Black with an astonishing, and exclusive to the Clash Steel Pro Alumen, look and feel. 

We made the Clash Steel Pro Alumen with slightly smaller pockets openings than the Clash Steel Pro, (11,63 cm for the corner pockets and 12,9cm for the middle pockets). For perfect league tables within the specifications of the World Pool Association, we use a facing of 3,175mm, which is the standard for tournament tables. Other “Pro-cuts”  can be made to your own specification in our factory. We have altered the slate openings such that each correctly potted ball is accepted in the pocket.

Aluminium Base of the Clash Steel Alumen

The new engineered rails have an aluminium base for maximum precision, long life durability and most suited for heavy-duty use in any environment, not sensitive to climate and or temperature.  Furthermore positioning of rubber cushions, playing dimensions,  and accuracy are very high and are maintained during the long life cycle of the table. The new rails ensure maximum and consistent playability for every player and in every circumstance. Compared to traditional wooden rails this is a huge step forward. Durable also means environmentally favourable with the use of recycled aluminium and steel in our new Clash Steel Pro Alumen.

Soft-touch Vinyl

The cushions are finished with high grade, extremely durable anti-static vinyl. This gives great look and feel with maximum comfort for player-hands with a comfortable surface temperature.  Special Vinyl designs and colours can be supplied at an additional charge.

Unibody of the premium pool table

We have taken the billiard table to the next level with our revolutionary new Unibody frame design. This innovative design features a solid and rigid steel frame that has been engineered to provide the ultimate in stability and strength. The Unibody design offers several advantages over traditional frame designs, including quicker and easier installation, reduced noise during play, and more precise table level adjustment options. With 22 levelers, players can ensure that the slate is perfectly level and the balls roll smoothly and accurately. The Unibody design is not only stronger and more rigid, but it also provides a sleek and modern look that adds to the overall aesthetic of the billiard table. This new design is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible playing experience for billiard enthusiasts. The Unibody frame is an investment in quality and performance that will last for years to come.


We deliver Brazilian premium quality slate with a 30mm thick, especially finished for the best playing surface. Every single slate goes through our quality control in our factory to ensure our high standards are met. The Brazilian slate is known for its exceptional properties maintaining its geometrical shape and is stronger than Italian slate and Chinese slate.

The slate used by Ardosia Nacional to make its billiard sets is called “Matacão” and is a unique type of slate specially suited for the manufacture of billiard table.

Slate is the most important part of any pool table and how well the table will play. Playability in a pool table is a function of how flat the playing surface is and its ability to remain flat throughout its life time, regardless of room temperature or pressure on its surface.

Design your own Clash Steel Alumen table 

The Clash Steel Pro Alumen billiard table offers a level of customization and personalization that sets it apart from the rest. Players have the option to add a touch of their own style to the table by incorporating custom-made elements. One option is to use stickers in the pockets that feature the player’s own logo or text. This allows the table to reflect the player’s individual personality and style. Another option, which will be available in 2023, is to choose special color options with the soft touch vinyl. This feature provides a sleek and modern look to the table, while also being comfortable to the touch. The soft touch vinyl is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the color options will not fade or wear over time. The custom color options with the soft touch vinyl offer a unique touch to the billiard playing experience, allowing players to stand out from the crowd. With these customizable options, the Clash Steel Pro Alumen billiard table truly becomes a reflection of the player’s personal style and flair.