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The High-End Professional Pool Table from Clash Steel

Are you looking for a professional billiard or pool table? With over 100 years of experience in producing pool tables, you’ve come to the right place with Clash Steel. The billiard tables from Clash Steel are hugely popular among pool clubs, professionals and players who value high-quality gameplay. Within our range, you will find the most professional pool tables assembled on the European market. Thanks to their solid construction and sublime details, the Clash Steel tables are suitable for tournaments, billiard-excited individuals, and pool clubs that want to organize professional or amateur matches. Keep reading if you want to know more about the options and purchase possibilities of these innovative models.

What do you need to know about our professional pool tables?

The pool tables from Clash Steel are of unique, high-quality. The finish is made of only the best material, highly regarded by professionals. The cushions are made of durable Artemis rubber, which is a renowned material in the carom world. In addition, the rails are constructed of high-quality oak wood. The combination of top-quality materials and efficiency allows for an infinite number of matches to be played on the Clash Steel pool tables. Want to know more about the specifications per table? Take a look at the pages of our featured models: the renowned Clash Steel Pro and the newest model, the Clash Steel Pro Alumen.

Choose a pool table on tournament level

The perfect pool table for tournaments? Our pool tables are extremely popular for use in professional and amateur tournaments. The high-quality materials ensure that pool matches prioritize quality. The Artemis rubber provides perfect ball rebounds. Thanks to the steel frame, the table is always positioned sturdily, which is very important when leaning weight on the pool table. In short, with our innovative design, you don’t have to worry about the performance of the pool table. So, are you a true pool enthusiast? Then Clash Steel and you will be the perfect match.

What do professionals say about the Clash Steel pool tables?

After highlighting all the significant advantages above, are you now considering a professional pool table? If so, we are excited to provide you with more information about our high-end designs.

The Clash Steel pool tables are used in various locations where professionals gather, such as the official pool tournaments in Bad Wildungen, Germany, and the Billiards Championships in Poland, which are also broadcast on TV Sports.

But what do professionals say about our pool tables? Johan Ruysink, an 8-time winner of the Mosconi Cup, says the following: “This table surprised me for its quality, its consistency in playing and the use of superior materials. The players I work with and have played on this table have all found it to be one of the best tables around at the moment. The rails, pockets and design are exactly what it should be. This table is perfect to improve your game and become a champion!”

In other words, the quality is extremely suitable for improving your skills as a true pool enthusiast.

Start playing pool now on a professional table

Are you already excited to try out one of our high-quality pool tables? Then get in touch with us or check which Clash Steel dealer is located near you. We are available to help you play the best pool and billiards games.

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help. Even if you would like to test the pool tables beforehand, you are always welcome to visit us or the available dealers. Just make sure to contact the dealer beforehand to arrange a visit.